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Subramanya Bharathi

Jesus died pinned to the cross;
Krsna by a swift arrow;
Even Rama yielded to death by water;
But I shall not die, 'tis certain.

Subramanya Bharathi is the Prince of modern Tamil literature. He was a poet, essayist, political journalist, translator, short story writer, novelist, in short, a wizard of pen. His genius gave the transforming glow to all the forms of literature that he touched.

He was born on 11th December 1882 at Ettayapuram, a Zamin in Tirunelveli District in Tamil Nadu.

Father Name - Chennaswamy Iyer
Mother Name - Lakshmi
His real name is Subramanyan. But his parents call him 'Subbiah'. The name 'Bharati' (One of the name of Goddess Saraswati) was given to him by Tamil scholors of his time.

From the childhood, he Started writing poems. He was inspired by Sister Nivedita, a disciple of Vivekananda, and joined the freedom struggle. He wrote a lot of patriotic poems.

He passed away on 12th September 1921.

Some sparks from his works

the transaltion of some of his works has been given here. Soon here you can see Bharathi's works in Tamil fonts also.

Patriotic songs

Devotional songs



Krsna, My Lover

In the heaving sea I saw your face,
And in the azure sky;
In that thick foam I saw your face,
And in these tiny bubbles;
Searching every inch of clouds,
I found your face and nothing else.
Hearing running laughter at my back,
I pushed aside your hands
And turned behind to find only your face.

Kali, My Mother

You are joy, O Kali,
You have entered me;
Then, without You, O Kali,
How can I ever be?
You have given love, O Kali,
And manliness.

Songs on Mother Tamil

Love Songs

Love or Die

Love, oh love without end;
And love failing,
Death, but death for ever.

My Love with Angel Poesy

As two birds in love
Happy in a forest,
or gods and goddesses
In an amorous swoon,
Not flawed by mundane joys
But joined in ecstacy,
I spend some divine days
With taht honey-sweet being.

Miscellaneous songs

Sister Nivedita, My Guru

Nivedita, Mother,
Thou, temple consecrated to Love,
Thou, sun dispelling my soul's darkness,
Thou, rain to the parched land of our lives,
Thou, helper of the helpless and lost
Thou, offering to grace,
Thou, divine spark of Truth,
My salutations to Thee.