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Favorite Links

The sites on Tamil and Thanjavur
Cool site. Here you get everything in Tamil.
Books, Songs, News about Stars, and everything that relates to Tamil.
tamilworld offers you free Email also.
Here a chat room also available.
Another Tamil site. Here you can 10 MB free space for your web pages.
This is a site having information about my native place.
A site about on Thanjavur Paintaings, one of the greatest arts in human history.

A quote a day
keeps the doctor away
A good collection of quotes.
Quotes are divided into various categories.

Some Memories Live Forever
Find your schoolmates in this site.
Bring those happy days to the present.

I love Cricket. :-)
A site dedicated to Cricket, the gentlemen's game.
So Enjoy Daily Updates, Live Commentaries, Picture gallary, etc.

Web Programming
A complete site with loads of information on Web development.
Java, HTML, DHTML, ASP, XML, etc.
Sun Corporation's Java page.
Java resources from the creators of Java.
Documents, Articles, Samples, etc.

For vb learners/programmers.
I can say this is the best visual basic help site.
It offers lots of free sample projects.
These samples are divided into 3 categories.
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Downloadable ActiveX controls are available.
Complete sample downloading option also available.
Good vb help site. You can get lots of vb tips.
If you are interested in Win32 API programming,
then this is the best site you can go for.
The official msdn help site of Microsoft.
Lots of Knowledge base documents available.
The extreme of vb.
Site for advanced vb programmers.