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I dedicate this site to my parents.

Welcome to My Home Page!!!

These pages were created as an attempt
to find people with similar interests,
to share the experiences, get better view of the humanity
and understand the nature of life.

I've met some wonderful people online
that have touch a special place in my heart.
Some I have met personally,
others I hope to meet someday.
Getting to know others and their ideas and dreams,
all the wonderful things about them
that they've shared with me,
will never be forgotten...
they each, in their own way, have taken me across a bridge
to a new awareness and understanding about who I am.
I thank those special people
for being who they are and touching my life... :-)

This site is under construction.
So, some titles may not be available.
I am working hard to make this site a complete one as early as possible.
And I am updating the existing pages periodically.

So, please visit once again for updates in this site.

This page was last updated on 26th May 2002.

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